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Hi, I’m Natalie, an original Valley Girl (like, totally) who loves football, movies, cooking, playing poker, and, of course, writing. I have been penning stories and poetry since I was seven when I used to staple paper together and craft and illustrate my own books. Over the years my writing style has accommodated whatever period in life I was experiencing, thus giving me a rather large repertoire with which to showcase my work. Recently I have been rather humor driven to keep me out of the nuthouse and if you can’t laugh at yourself, someone else, for sure, will.

I have two useless degrees (MSCJ and BS) in criminal justice/homeland security/criminal behavior/criminalistics. I have worked in jails, was a process server, ran a few eBay stores, and was an adult basic education/GED instructor to prison inmates, as well as their writing group sponsor. Throughout all of this, I have written.

While historically, primarily an academic writer and researcher, I have written numerous articles on a variety of subjects which have been published in various print and online media. In 2011, I self-published my first novella, Trophy Hunter (which has since been retired because, quite honestly, I’m not a big fan of it as I wrote it during a particularly low point in my life).

My most recent endeavors have led me down a more poetry-driven path thanks to the wonderful writing community that is Prose, as well as into the unique realm of micropoetry and the ubiquity of these short poems on Twitter. Hence, I have shared several of my pieces in cyberspace and have been surprisingly pleased with their reception and the positive feedback I have received.

I currently reside in Nevada and am a blogger for BlogMutt, a freelancer on Upwork (and wherever else I can find work), an adult literacy writing instructor, a lactose-intolerant vegetarian, and a libertarian.

I am pleased to announce the release of my new books:










Stay tuned for more on the way!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please contact me if you’d like more information, or just want to chat.

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