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Blog Day 1

While perusing the copious words of wisdom out in cyberspace for freelance writers, I reflected upon the oft-cited recommendation to maintain a blog to keep readers interested and for me to share what goes on in my humorous yet troubled mind. So here goes!

I used to write blogs for the San Diego Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, and movies (links to these sites are on my “Links” page) but those seemed far easier than writing about myself. Even on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, I’m not the type who takes pictures of everything I eat or “check in” every place I go. Frankly, I think the latter is kinda dangerous, and I enjoy my privacy to a degree. Seeing as how I actually have quasi-regular visitors who enjoy my work–and that I don’t churn out a brilliantly-written tidbit for this site as often as I probably should be–a blog would likely be appreciated. And it would make me write regularly–like a “real” writer ought to do.

I found this great new site Prose and I have been contributing to it quite frequently. I particularly enjoy the challenges created by fellow “Prosers” because they provide me with much-needed prompts. Lately, I have had some serious topical writer’s block and having someone say, “Here, write about THIS,” really helps as of late. In fact, on my “Links” page is a link (no way! really?!) to all of my work there; as well as in the Twittersphere. I invite you to check them out!

I also have a new piece about getting to know your characters by writing their obituaries (right up my alley!)  on MASH Stories which is very exciting. And yes, the topic was suggested by someone else. Thank you Bill. You can check it out here.

I have been submitting quite a bit of work to various publications so, fingers crossed.


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