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Blog Day, Um 6?

OK, OK, I have been slacking on the blog-a-day everyday commitment I made. I could blame it on the holiday weekend; however, since I did nothing during these three days except write blog posts for others, complete an order for a new client, work out, tan (yes, I know it’s bad for me), and get political petitions signed, I have no excuse. The truth of the matter is that I forgot. While I have no problem writing for others, I tend to put my own work on the back burner in favor of, um, earning a living.

While I will not promise to get completely back on track with the daily postings, I do pledge to be better about my own blog. In fact, I am going to affix a Post-it to my computer right now to remind me. There. Done.


Let me return to my petition signing experience. Wow, I didn’t realize how difficult this would be. I flash my welcoming smile and say, “Good afternoon sir/ma’am, may I ask you a question?” To the ones who say, “No, thank you,” I say, “Well, that WAS a question, right?” To the more friendly ones, I go into my spiel about collecting signatures to get another name added to the presidential ballot in November and he’s blah blah blah and believes blah blah blah. Thankfully, because of the—how can I put this—largely unappealing, atrocious, horrendous, and ridiculous options with which we are currently faced, it’s not too terribly difficult to persuade complete strangers standing in front of the local grocery store to give me their names and addresses. Of course, I have to add, “By signing this, you are under no obligation whatsoever to vote for him, we won’t sell your address, we won’t send you anything in the mail, (and then I add), and I promise I won’t knock on your door in the middle of the night” (which usually elicits a chuckle, or an “I wouldn’t mind that” from various males, none of whose doors I would actually want to visit at night).

I do have to say that this experience has taught me a few things. First, the majority of middle-aged, white women (excluding myself) are big Hillary Clinton fans. Second, if you’re going to stand outside in 95-degree heat, take a water bottle (as I had to purchase several from the grocery store, which made me feel a bit less guilty for soliciting on their premises). And finally, from now on I will sign each and every petition offered to me because I know how they feel.


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