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Blog Day Whatever (or Adventures in Therapy)

I started therapy today. Again. For the, um, umpteenth time. (Hey, it’s not a quick fix but something that takes months, years, even decades to “master” if that is even possible.)

I hear you saying, “But Natalie, you’re so funny and you seem relatively well-adjusted, albeit somewhat weird. Why on Earth would you need therapy?” That’s sweet of you to say; however, my humor is one of my coping mechanisms to deal with the ups and downs (more downs lately) of life—because homicide is strongly frowned upon in this country.

And I’ve worked in a prison. I have no desire to live in one. At least not yet, anyway. It is actually one of my potential retirement options. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few people, shall we say, disposed of, and I’m sure that by the time I’m 90 and ready to retire, the list will be considerably longer. Thus, I can accomplish my “goals” and then be “rewarded” with free rent, food, clothing, medical, mental health counseling, “gym” membership, satellite television, and various classes geared toward self-improvement. Of course, there are the other inmates to deal with and the various violence that occurs in such places. For the record, however, any female prison flick starring Linda Blair is not an accurate representation of incarcerated life. But seriously folks, I jest. If I was actually planning any type of felony, I certainly wouldn’t blog about it.

Therapy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I think it should be a required high school class. Learning to look inside yourself with an honest eye, recognizing triggers to unwanted behaviors, and developing healthy coping mechanisms is something from which I believe everyone could benefit, especially since the stigma has been (largely) removed. Just stay away from the medication unless you REALLY need it because anti-depressants can cause a slew of additional problems.

I have become a pseudo-expert on holistic and homeopathic quasi-cures for depression, stress, and anxiety since the alternative is not pleasant. Cold-pressed, organic, virgin coconut oil has myriad benefits, not only for mood but hair, skin, digestion, and (allegedly) sleep problems. In addition to my vegetarian diet and the fact that I don’t smoke, drink, or partake in any type of illicit drugs, I also regularly take other supplements such as GABA, 5-HTP, Holy Basil, and Ashwaghanda for stress, anxiety, and mood. I do notice some improvement as long as I go to the gym regularly and try to relax, the latter of which is usually unsuccessful. But now I have an awesome new therapist to help with that.



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