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My New Nocturnal Shtick

Thanks to my rapidly worsening insomnia—and the fact that I have caught myself up on every single video from Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, and The X Factor (including the worst auditions which are hilarious)—I needed a new, shall we say, obsession to occupy my brain as I failingly try to fall asleep each night. Yes, I know that sleep “experts” assert that one should try to enter dreamland in a quiet, darkened room devoid of any electronically stimulating media devices (I won’t mention that I play Candy Crush in all of its incarnations whilst “watching” these videos). But, if I have the choice to lie in bed staring at the ceiling for hours or occupying my overactive brain until my sleep meds kick in, I will always choose the latter.

Enter WatchMojo and its seemingly endless list of Top Ten Lists. I briefly mentioned these in an earlier post (Blog Day 3, to be precise); however, I think a revisit is in order.

So, last night I focused on movies, as I am a huge movie buff. I watched, in particular order:

  • Top Ten Best Horror Movie Remakes
  • Top Ten Worst Horror Movie Remakes
  • Another Top Ten Worst Horror Movie Remakes (seriously, I can think of enough for at least three more lists)
  • Top Ten Movies with the Scariest Ending
  • Top Ten Freddy Krueger Kills
  • Top Ten Best 3D Movies
  • Top Ten Worst 3D Movies
  • Top Ten Most Hyped Horror Movies
  • Top Ten Least Scary Horror Movies
  • Top Ten Trailers Better than the Movies
  • Top Ten Movies that Will Make You Paranoid (they did!)
  • Top Ten Worst Movie Endings
  • Top Ten Movies that You Have to Watch Twice (I’m surprised that not every single David Lynch film was on that list)
  • Top Ten Spoilers that Ruin the Movie
  • Top Ten Movies with Ambiguous Endings
  • Top Ten Movie Plot Twists
  • Top Ten Worst Movie Plot Twists
  • Top Ten Memorable Scenes in Bad Movies
  • Top Ten Movie Crying Scenes
  • Top Ten Alternate Movie Endings
  • Top Ten Real-Life Crimes Inspired by Movies and TV
  • Top Ten Smartest Movie Villians
  • Top Ten Evil Children in Movies
  • Top Ten Murderous Women in Film

After which I, logically, segued to:

  • Most Evil Children in History
  • Top Ten Most Evil Women in History
  • Another Top Ten Most Evil Women in History
  • Top Ten Unsolved Murder Mysteries

Because of my serial killer fascination. Fascination, mind you, not aspiration. Yet.

And then I fell asleep. And had nightmares. Go figure.




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