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Taking Another Plunge…

Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to write a book, and not the stapled-together-paper books with crooked writing and my truly horrendous illustrations. I achieved this goal when I self-published Trophy Hunter in 2011. I have since retired the book for numerous reasons (particularly because I wrote it during a very low period of my life and it reflects the overriding negativity I was experiencing at the time); however, I am considering reworking it and releasing a second edition.

Most of my recent writing has been focused on creative nonfiction (check out my “Other Writing” and “Links” pages) and poetry. While I have dabbled in haiku and sonnets over the past several years, thanks to Prose and Micropoetry.com, I have immersed myself in quite the variety of different poetic forms on myriad topics (thanks to prompts and challenges which have helped me overcome my topical writer’s block). And thanks to Twitter, I have been able to get my micropoems out into cyberspace. I was pleasantly surprised at the reception to my, what I like to call, awareness-raising-and-somewhat-controversial-yet-oftentimes-humorous pieces.

So, what’s your point, Natalie?

Well, whilst taking a bath the other night, I channeled Archimedes and had my own “Eureka” epiphany to write another book. Of poetry. Thus, I am currently in the process of composing additional poems for inclusion into my upcoming and hopefully tremendously successful book.

Stay tuned!



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