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Howdy readers,

I have writer’s block. Again. It’s so bad, in fact, that I have writer’s block about my blog. Ever since I started entering poetry contests and writing on Prose and Twitter where I am given prompts and keywords, I have lost my own ability to generate topics upon which to write. I am trying to finish my next book of poetry before my dreaded birthday in T-minus 16 days and need about 16 more poems. I’ve asked for ideas from family and friends, and also searched “Poetry topics” online. While I have found a few that worked, for the most part, I am just not intrigued by any of them. Sonnets are particularly troublesome because of their unique rhyming schemes. I actually wrote a sonnet about sonnets (that was a fun undertaking).

So, what else? Oh, my San Diego Chargers lost to the Tennessee Titans today 27-10, but since it is only preseason, I’m not too terribly worried. Yet. RB Melvin Gordon looked much better than last season now that his Wisconsin teammate FB Derek Watt (J.J.’s little brother) is blocking for him like the good ole days.

The defense was a mess, however, not unlike last season. Losing Safety extraordinaire Eric Weddle was, in my opinion, not the best of moves by the Chargers, but I hope he gets treated better in Baltimore than he did during his last season in San Diego.

Many attribute the Chargers’ defensive woes to #1 pick DE Joey Bosa from Ohio State who hasn’t signed his contract due to extended bickering with the team and who now “feels disrespected.” I’m sorry, but where else can one say he’s not going to work unless he makes as much money as [another person] and STILL KEEP HIS JOB?! Only in professional sports, folks, only in professional sports.

I think that all professional sports organizations should pay their players a flat annual salary based on years of experience, with everything else incentivized. No more of this ridiculous $25 million signing bonus. Give them $2,000 like the Texas Department of Corrections is giving new hires. Eliminate the prima donna-ness and protect against future Ryan Leafs and Johnny Manziels.

I was also sad to see P Mike Scifres gone, having signed a one-year deal with Carolina. You will be missed, Mike.

I also learned a new trick. Whenever I have writer’s block, just discuss the Chargers. I am now off to memorialize them in verse.

Please feel free to leave any poem ideas in the comments section, and thank you in advance.



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