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Happy Talk (Sorta)…

I’ve noticed that the majority of my blogs as of late are, shall we say, not pleasant reads, so I decided to (try and) be a bit more upbeat today. I’ve stayed off social media (except, of course, to check my messages) so I haven’t seen all of the misery and mayhem erupting outside of my secluded dining room-office. It’s like a drug, though. I’m “jonesing” for my daily skewed news “fix” and, just like “real” addiction, I find my tolerance increasing quite rapidly. Instead of reading two or three stories, I know have to go back and read every post (and every tweet) I’ve missed since the last time.

Let’s see, happy stuff. Well, it’s not 113 degrees every day anymore, thankfully. It has cooled down to the mid 90’s. What else? I’m halfway through my newest poetry collection so that will hopefully be published soon. I’m also currently writing a scathing indictment of the American corrections system and how prison privatization is pure evil. (Notice how I was able to turn the positive into a negative? I’m extremely gifted in that respect.) But, writing books is good. Positive. Exciting. Yay team.

Football is here! Real football, not boring preseason. Yes, I realize that preseason is necessary for coaches to determine who will actually make the team and all of that. However, preseason is also the scene of season-ending injuries for key players. San Diego running back Branden Oliver tore his Achilles tendon (warning: the video is gruesome) and will be out for the year. Minnesota QB Teddy Bridgewater dislocated his knee and tore his ACL in practice, ending his season, and leaving the Vikings in trouble. So much, in fact, that Minnesota crafted a trade with the Eagles for the chronically-underperforming Sam Bradford. I’m not a Vikings fan, so, while I hope Teddy heals well, that’s about it.

In the past, I have always been really excited for another season but with all of the substantial changes/struggles/crap in my life, I’m not as excited as I think I should be. Besides, I’m a Chargers fan and, sadly, we have become accustomed to mediocrity, which makes it difficult to pick up some pom-poms and shout, “Go team!” I did pen my first FootballNation article of the season. Perhaps I need to get back into that groove for my excitement to return.

Anyway, I shall leave you, dear readers, with a reminder that this was intended to be a happy blog.




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