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My Life in Six Words

As I am always on the hunt for forums in which I can share my writing and obtain much-needed prompts, I was rather excited to find Smith’s Six-Word Memoirs—a site chock full of (wait for it) six-word stories on every topic conceivable, and another immediate gratification arena where writers receive almost instantaneous feedback on their pieces.

I have contributed several blurbs to the site; however, I believe I wrote the absolute best six words in my entire life last night.

I think aloud in iambic pentameter.

This surpassed my previous favorite:

Hardship builds character, I have enough.

With the myriad sonnets, limericks, haiku and other poetry I have been penning over the past six months for Prose, Twitter, and, of course, my books, I have realized that I have actually begun to think in syllables, which I find truly amusing. Instead of coming up with a line, counting the syllables, and figuring out how to tweak it to the desired number (ten for sonnets, five and seven for haiku and tankas, one through ten for etherees, etc.), I have increasingly been coming up with the perfect line off the top of my head. The first few times I actually did this, I attributed it to luck and coincidence; however, with each subsequent poem, I have discovered that my brain has been conditioned to automatically think syllabically.

Pretty nifty, methinks.

By the way, here’s my Six-Words Stories profile page.



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