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We are now in Week 2 of football season and I, for one, am hoping that last week was not a harbinger of how the entire season will go. As a San Diego Chargers fan, I am still perturbed that my boys blew yet another 21-point lead. It’s funny (well, actually, not really), I was at this Chargers bar I found watching the game with numerous other Bolt fans and they were so happy and high-fiving and whatnot. Of course, I casually mentioned on more than one occasion that a 21-point lead was not enough; however, in their alcohol-fueled delusions, I was ignored. That is, until the end of the game when they asked me how I knew that would happen. I had to stifle an eye roll and chuckle and simply shake my head in utter disbelief.

And they call themselves long-time fans.

It was disheartening seeing superstar WR Keenan Allen go out for the season with a torn ACL; this tragedy after having had to miss half of last season with a bruised kidney (ouch!) It was also rather saddening to see our new rookie punter Drew Kaser be completely underwhelming (5 punts, 28.6-yd average) in his first regular season game, while second-year kicker Josh Lambo missed a 54-yard field goal. Thanks Tom Telesco for releasing Nick Novak (a Texan now) and superstud punter extraordinaire Mike Scifres (who signed a one-year contract with Carolina this season). Drafted by San Diego in 2003, the 35-year-old Scifres played 13 years with the Chargers before being released. Scifres consistently averaged between 43 and 48 yards per punt each season, with some as long as 70 to 72 yards. While I miss them both, I am glad they will still be playing. And hey, Nick, please be gentle when the Bolts are in Houston on 11/27.*

*Thanks to my friend Tino for pointing out my oversight that San Diego will be in Carolina, facing Mike Scifres, on 12/11.

This weekend, the Chargers host the Jacksonville Jaguars and I have predicted yet another loss. I always predict a loss. Between QB Blake Bortles, the Allens (Robinson and Hurns) at WR, and depth at RB with T.J. Yeldon, Chris Ivory (shout out to his and my alma mater Tiffin University), and Denard Robinson, I’m not sure the Bolts’ defense can stop them. Even if Joey Bosa plays. Granted, San Diego has a decent offense as well (for at least 55 minutes). Only time will tell.

On a side note: my latest poetry collection Folly and Chaos will be released soon!


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