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I’m Annoyed…and You Get to Read About It!

*Disclaimer: If you are liberal, leftist, “progressive” democrat, stop reading now. You’ve been warned.

So, where to start? There are just so many things annoying me right now that I honestly don’t know where to start. So, in no particular order:

I have a shoulder injury and typing is not only difficult while not being able to move my upper left arm, but painful as my interim office is a dining room table which is too high to type comfortably in the first place, let alone sitting in my current convoluted manner where (I kid you not) Quasimodo’s posture was better than mine at the moment. The x-rays this morning didn’t reveal anything so the urgent care doctor is referring me to an orthopedist. He thinks it may be bursitis. Regardless, there’s a large bump on the top of my shoulder and I am currently on a quick burst of prednisone and some potent ibuprofen (although I’d rather have, oh, morphine at the moment).

Joey Bosa will be sitting out this week’s match up when my Chargers travel to Indianapolis. Injury? Not in football shape? The speculation is flying, folks. Regardless, I maintain my recommendation: invalidate his contract; use the money to pick up some immediate impact players to help with the tragic losses of Keenan Allen, Branden Oliver, and most recently Danny Woodhead; and let him sit on a bench all season until next year’s draft. After all, doesn’t a contract have two sides? Bosa has already breached his end of it as HE HASN’T PLAYED YET. But he was in quite a hurry to get that guaranteed money, wasn’t he? Lesson to the kiddies, there’s a point when the apron strings must be cut. If not, oh, say when one is in college, then perhaps when one is getting ready to enter the NFL draft and embark upon a (hopefully) successful career

The ongoing insanity in the world today. Between increasing RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST attacks across the U.S. (I’m going to say it because that’s what it is!); the election mudslinging; #crookedhillary’s endless lies and health problems; and watching the current “president” raging on about his “legacy.” So, Barry, what would that legacy be? Increased racism and race-baiting; unconstitutional and failing Obamacare; the other unconstitutional joke that is common core; increased unemployment; apologizing FOR America to everyone; backing a lying traitor (like yourself) who takes millions of dollars from countries that hate us and who abuse women (and who you said was unfit back in 2008); opening the door to tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees” without proper vetting procedures; “accidentally” giving over 800 undocumented aliens citizenship (and, of course, voting rights); and the list goes on and on. I wouldn’t be bragging about those accomplishments. I am a registered libertarian and will be voting for Donald Trump because I’d rather face the unknown led by a man who is pretty successful business-wise and who actually has a PLAN when all HRC has are coughs, falls, a long list of murder victims, blatant pandering, and incessant lies.

Relatedly, I can’t even fathom why anyone in his/her right mind would vote for HRC. Seriously, for women, is it a genitalia thing? For Blacks and Hispanics, how have the past eight years been working for you? And you want more of the same? I don’t get it. So, for you brave (or foolish) democrats who have read this far, please enlighten me with your reasoning. And watch your language, please.

Time to ice the shoulder. Go Chargers!


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