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Isn’t it funny how my writing website blog has now turned into a football and political rant-fest?!

So, in true recent blog form, allow me to, first, plug my latest Football Nation article on the Chargers’ disappointing loss. If you want the Cliff’s Notes, they would go something like this: dropped balls, turnovers, bad officiating, and another key player (LB Manti Te’o)  injured. Te’o will undergo tests Monday to assess the severity of his non-contact Achilles’ injury. Of course, Twitter is abuzz with comments about his fake girlfriend causing the injurious hit. Oh, and let’s not forget he has had foot “problems” for the past three seasons. In fact, Te’o has never played a complete season since the Chargers drafted him in 2013. And I’m still not over them trading up ONE SPOT with the Arizona Cardinals in the Draft to take him.

If San Diego continues to lose players, I’m still asserting my opinion that the Chargers should invalidate Joey Bosa’s contract and let the mama’s boy sit on the bench until next year’s draft. There has to be some clause in his contract regarding withholding information about injuries. I’m willing to bet that he was injured when he was drafted but didn’t say anything. I don’t buy for one second that he’s not playing because he’s not in “football form” from his training camp and preseason holdout; especially when the injury reports list him as out with a hamstring injury. That last-minute rush to finalize his contract after hearing for weeks about how negotiations were in a stalemate so his mommy and he could get his “guaranteed” money has not only left me suspicious but with a very bad taste in my mouth about him. That’s a lot of money the Chargers can use to pick up some immediate impact free agents.

Oh, and when are they going to fire Kent Johnston, the team’s strength and conditioning coach for the past three seasons. Now there’s a coincidence. Look at all of the injuries the Chargers have sustained over the past three seasons. He needs to go. I nominate Jillian Michaels. She’ll whip those guys into shape!

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