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Pardon the Interruption…

I just wanted to share my latest Football Nation article wherein I don my pessimist hat (actually, I pretty much wear that all of the time) and tempt fate wondering which key player the Chargers will lose this week. The correct answer is, hopefully, NONE.

Is it me, or does it just seem that every season brings more injuries than previous seasons? And I’m talking bad injuries, season-ending injuries. Not just on the Chargers (they are, however, the most important ones) but on seemingly every team. Super stud and truly nice guy J. J. Watt reinjured his back, underwent surgery, and is out for the season. Minnesota lost QB Teddy Bridgewater to a broken leg and Achilles’ tear on a non-contact injury (those are the worst!) The Cowboys lost QB Tony Romo (again) with a broken back, and reports claim he may be back for week 8 (that dude needs to retire before he paralyzes himself).

In fact, I just checked here for every team’s injuries and, holy cow, there are so many! The Chargers have a bunch more players out for the season of whom I wasn’t even aware. Oh, I almost forgot my Joey Bosa dig. He has been out every week thus far with a “hamstring.” I’m so annoyed with this guy (in case you couldn’t tell by prior posts) that he can play this week and get “reinjured” because then the Chargers wouldn’t miss anything since HE HASN’T PLAYED YET! Sorry folks, but passion is a good thing. Right?

So, this begs the question of whether the injuries are a result of poor conditioning or more brutal hits by bigger and stronger players? Thoughts?

Go Chargers!!


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