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You Knew This Was Coming…

Hey folks, guess what? The Chargers blew yet another lead for their third loss of the season. You can read my rant here. I actually expected it. In fact, if you check some of my pre-game Facebook posts, you will see that I predicted a loss (much to the chagrin of fellow fans and, especially, those at the local Charger bar I found where I can watch the games with my own kind). Amid the anger and the repeated orders for me to shut up, I find it rather funny that long-time fans don’t realize that this is Chargers football. It has been for quite a while. Exceptional talent that is marred by serious injuries, questionable coaching, and a cheap owner. Oh yeah, and Joey Bosa didn’t play. Again.

But enough of that.

Let’s talk some writing, shall we? My new book The Downfall of American Corrections: How Privatization, Mandatory Minimums, and the Abandonment of Rehabilitation has Perverted the System beyond Repair will be out shortly. I just need to proofread my proof. Like all of my books, it will be available in paperback and ebook through Amazon and CreateSpace.

If anyone wants a signed copy (you know, in case I become famous), you can purchase the books through me via Paypal as well.

I am also working on two new poetry collections: one akin to my Mischief and Nonsense, Whimsy and Mayhem, Levity and Madness, and Folly and Chaos ones, and the other more like the Raising Awareness pair with a political, socioeconomic slant but with a variety of poetic stylings, not just micropoetry. With all of the crap going on in the world today and the impending U.S. election, there are myriad topics to discuss and, if I rant in verse and iambic pentameter, it doesn’t seem as bad. Heck, who am I kidding? This whole situation is bad. And little highly-opinionated me is pulling no punches expressing how I really feel and what I truly think. I know that I will likely anger many people (assuming, of course, that they actually read the book), but I do plan to pander to conservative talk show hosts by sending them copies in the hopes that, maybe, I can get some additional publicity. Or death threats. Really, anything more exciting than writing and blogging all day and watching the Chargers lose would be welcome.




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