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Ugh, Just Ugh…

I found out today that my poor hapless Chargers lost yet another key player for the season. What did you say? Did I write an article? How sweet of you to ask, and yes, of course I did. And you can read it here.

Seriously, though, this is awful. FIVE, count them (Oliver, Allen, Woodhead, Te’o, Verrett), FIVE key starters out for the season with a sixth (Addae) out for several weeks. Somebody—anybody—please make it stop! Or at least pinch me so I can awaken from this nightmare. But not too hard, you know, because I bruise easily.

It’s not bad enough that the guys can’t hold on to a lead and get a win, but they have to endure watching their teammates being carted off the field and standing on the sidelines in street clothes with a variety of orthopedic devices. At this rate, the San Diego sideline is going to resemble a retirement home.

Next week they travel to Oakland to play the future Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders are looking pretty tough this season and the two teams usually split their pair of meetings each year; however, without players, I’m not sure how well my Chargers will fare. Fingers crossed.

I do have to share this. Sad yet funny and “borrowed” from “You Know You’re a Chargers Fan When” (on Facebook).



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