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Chargers WIN (Really, This Time!)

Chargers 21, Broncos 13

58005bc9a81c7-image(AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

In an uber stressful game, the Chargers finally snapped their ten-game divisional losing streak when they annihilated the Denver Broncos Thursday night. Okay, maybe annihilate is too strong a word. Decimated? Vanquished? Conquered? Whipped? Spanked? Outplayed? Transcended? Whichever word one chooses to fill in the blank, the result is the same. Chargers win! (Wow, that’s so odd to type. I actually have to fight my fingers’ muscle memory.)

And now this blog is actually about writing. Tonight’s topic, the thesaurus.

All right, back to the game.

Philip Rivers became the franchise’s passing leader, surpassing the great Dan Fouts. Way to go, Philip!

Wunderkind Joey Bosa went down early with a hand injury. I’m going to start calling him Boo-Boo Bosa. He did return after some exaggerated pained expressions on the sidelines and managed one tackle. But he tried so hard. He really did. He still owes me three more sacks. a strip sack, and an interception before I’ll even remotely respect the kid (and stop teasing him). Actually, no, I will never stop teasing him because I can be a meanie.

Keep an eye out on BoltsBrand for my latest blog. I have decided not to contribute to Football Nation anymore (at least regarding the Chargers) because the new “management” changed one of my titles and added links to the same articles I already linked without my permission. You don’t do that to a writer, especially to a temperamental female writer with a .357 magnum, a forensics degree, and a death wish.

Next week the Chargers travel to Atlanta to take on the 4-2 Falcons (who also beat Denver last week) and the following week the Chargers are in Denver, hopefully for the sequel ass kicking.




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