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We the People…A Modern Diatribe

I am extremely bored right now—and rather irritated—so I figured I would share my foul mood with my wonderful readers. I have been working on my newest books The Downfall of American Corrections (that should be out within the next few weeks) and my newest poetry collection Idiocy and Insanity (that is heavily cynical, politically motivated, and, hopefully, will be out before the election). Speaking of books, my collections would make delightful holiday gifts for the readers and poetry lovers in your lives (hint hint). Or you could just visit and like my Facebook page. I would be pleased with that as well.


Speaking of the election (the United States presidential election for any foreigners), I am so completely sick to death of social media and the news. It’s as if this is the ONLY thing happening in the world. Granted, the existence of the U.S. is, indeed, on the line, as four more years of anti-American, “progressive,” liberal, Communist, hate-mongering, open border, big government policies and rhetoric from a murderous, racist, lying, corrupt, cheating, immoral, and deceitful mouthpiece will mean the end of the free world as we know it. Look at Europe and all the mayhem and destruction that has occurred there with the George Soros promulgation of his globalist agenda and associated radical Islamic terrorism across the globe. Twisted sociopaths such as he, “President” Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch,  James Comey, RINO Republicans, 90 percent of mainstream media, social justice warriors, misguided Marxist millennials, BLM terrorists, Muslim extremists, illegal aliens, and pretty much EVERYONE else who supports these leftist criminals either have no clue what a #crookedhillary presidency will do to this country, or, like Soros, they just don’t care. These people WANT the U.S. to be completely destroyed, and if you don’t believe me, then stop watching the liberal media and drinking the kool-aid and do some research of your own.

Of course, all of the “elite” Clinton supporters involved in their pay-to-play scheme and who donate considerable funds to the nefarious Clinton Foundation are hoping she wins so they can maintain their wealth as the American middle-class is whittled to a memory of when America was, indeed, great. Rampant welfare, fewer jobs, government-controlled education and healthcare, Islamic indoctrination, and the erosion of constitutional rights are just the beginning of the end of the land of the free and the home of the brave. Oh, and let’s not forget the rampant voter fraud promulgated by the left, as well as idiots like California Governor Jerry Brown who sees nothing wrong with letting ILLEGALS vote.

Thanks to these libtards, I have been heavily boycotting the entertainment industry as I will not put one penny into the pockets of morally and mentally deficient people who support this lying, murderous, immoral thief.

Since when did the PUBLIC SERVICE office of Secretary of State come with a multimillion dollar salary? Oh, that’s right, it doesn’t. Silly me, I forgot about the whole money laundering scheme. My mistake. Also, where is it written in the president’s job description that campaigning for one’s possible successor is a necessary and legitimate function; especially when this same person—a mere eight years ago—told the world that she was unfit to be president. (Isn’t THAT the pot calling the kettle black?)

I honestly do not understand her draw, especially among minorities who have been mired in poverty for at least the past eight years since self-proclaimed King Barry has set race relations back 60 years and destroyed minority communities further than one even thought possible. Yet they think things will be different this time because … WHY? See what happens when you vote for a compulsive liar simply because of his skin color. And the same will happen when women vote with their estrogen-filled vaginas. I have a vagina and I sure as HELL am not voting for that career con artist.

Speaking of vaginas, Michelle Obama is really Michael, the girls were adopted, and that makes King Barry a homosexual. A homosexual Muslim with an agenda, in fact. Remember how much Muslims love homosexuals?

Personally, I have nothing against individuals expressing themselves. Remember, I am a libertarian who will defend vehemently the Constitution and people’s rights. But the fraud perpetrated upon the American public—and the world, for that matter—by the Egomaniac-in-Chief is inexcusable and certainly grounds for impeachment and indictment for treason, along with #crookedhillary and all of their collective minions.

In fact, I am at the point where the sight of Clinton’s or Obama’s arrogant smug faces and the sound of their condescending voices send me into fits of uncontrollable projectile vomiting.

Oh, and by the way, here’s a little history lesson for everyone from the First Amendment of the United States Constitution:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.



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