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Football, ‘Fros, Finks, and Fraud

Citizens of San Diego have a big vote upcoming. Initiative C is seeking to construct a new stadium and convention center “plex” in the City’s East Village. Due to the age and relatively small size of Qualcomm Stadium, the NFL in its infinite wisdom (run by that idiot Roger Goodell) has deemed San Diego unworthy of hosting any further Super Bowls absent new digs.

There are several things to consider regarding this proposal and you can read all about it in my very informative and awesome new article.

Speaking of Roger Goodell, I have spoken to many football fans who agree that he needs to put his foot down and stop all of this protest bullshit while his employees are AT WORK. It amazes me how many Americans have no clue what the First Amendment entails. To reiterate, yet AGAIN, it protects government infringement on a citizen’s free speech. Private employers can censor and prohibit unwanted speech or expression whilst at work. The NFL is a private employer, but Goodell is too much of a wuss to actually DO anything. You can read my previous diatribe here.

Also, if Colin Kaepernick hates this country, its flag, and its national anthem so much, then maybe he shouldn’t be playing with a helmet because the American flag is on the back. I mean, it’s not like it really matters since he’s a lousy player and not worthy of the millions of dollars San Francisco is wasting on his whiny oppressed ass; not to mention his ever-increasing ‘fro. There’s plenty of hair and a thick skull to cushion his pea brain. The 49ers got their collective asses kicked by the Buffalo Bills 45-16 (yay!) and Crapernick was only slightly better than the benched Blaine Gabbert. But he still sucked.

Now compare this private employer scenario with the attack perpetrated by King Barry, the US’s egomaniac-in-chief whose signing away of the Internet is a blatant violation of our freedom of speech. This complete piece of SHIT is spewing censorship talk every time he opens his big mouth. He censored the Orlando 911 calls likely because the damn shooter was one of his Muslim brothers (remember, the murderer’s father sat behind #crookedhillary at one of her rallies). Now he wants to censor Fox News because the globalist libtards don’t own it like they do EVERY other mainstream news station in the US. So be aware US citizens, the divider-in-chief and his cronies (including #crookedhillary) have already begun to take away our First Amendment rights. And if that anti-American lying murderous traitor is elected, you can expect her to essentially revoke the Second, Third, and Fourth Amendments as well. King Barry has already destroyed the Tenth with his failed Obummercare and the Common Core bullshit permeating American schools, and he has already put a serious dent in the First.

Let’s talk about Julian Assange, shall we? Some “state-sponsored entity” has cut off the WikiLeaks journalist and American hero from releasing any more Podesta/Clinton/Obama emails that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt just how crooked the ENTIRE US government is. Apparently, these moronic libtards don’t realize that WikiLeaks is far more than one person.

I still don’t understand how so many sheep still support these lying, murderous, SCUMBAG traitors. Social and non-mainstream media is abuzz with talk of revolution, and if the globalist assholes think they are going to get away with their big plans, they are sorely mistaken. Let’s party like it’s 1775.

Assange deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. Take away King Barry’s as he did absolutely NOTHING to earn it and sure as hell doesn’t deserve it.

Radio personality, scholar, best-selling author, and conservative Michael Savage said on his program today,  “Trump means life; Clinton means death…to Americans’ rights.” Check out his site. It’s very informative. Among the most interesting pieces on his site describes how then-Secretary-of-State #crookedhillary REFUSED to defend Savage’s First Amendment rights because she didn’t agree with what he had to say. Um, sorry bitch, that’s not how it works. Pay heed, Americans, if you’re not a liberal elite who funds the money-laundering Clinton Foundation, you’re nothing to them. She’s made it perfectly clear that you’re not worthy of your constitutional rights. This crooked administration and its supporters think that radical Islamic terrorist “refugees” and other illegals are more important than you or I. Let that sink in.

Oh, and for the record, Joey Bosa’s mom approves of the stadium initiative.


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