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Breaking News


I think this is how I will start everything I write from now on (or at least until this debacle of an election is over) since every “news” story on social media begins as such. Even those articles from overtly bogus publications trying to force their ridiculous and false narratives down everyone’s throat are touted as breaking news. Granted, lemmings and sheep are not as discerning about the bullshit they will consume as the more evolved of the human race are.

Enough of unpleasantness, I say. Moving on…

My two new books, The Downfall of American Corrections and Idiocy and Insanity will be out sometime next week, so please take a look and, hopefully, purchase them (books make great holiday gifts and this will make nine, mostly poetry, books I have self-published this year). I will be donating a portion of my proceeds to a law enforcement charity. At the present time, I don’t know which one. I have sent a few inquiries out as to how to set something up with them for an ongoing donation process based on sales.

Listen up, readers who are not anti-American socialist liberal “progressive” sheep! Idiocy and Insanity is chock full of poetry with, shall we say, a strong anti-democrat moron slant. I have pieces about “refugees,” corruption, treason, deleted emails, the Constitution, “oppressed” athletes, and even a nifty sonnet about the Donald. I will be sending my book to every conservative radio host to whom I listen in the hopes of getting some extra promotion, and I am also counting on you, my wonderful, awesome, superlative “fans” (stalkers, whatever) to spread the word. And thank you in advance. I would love to find an agent so I’m not tasked with every single aspect of publishing my own books as well as advertising. It is mentally exhausting, indeed.

New topic. Breaking News!

My Chargers travel to Atlanta tomorrow to take on the Falcons who are equally as mediocre. The following week the Bolts have a rematch with the Donkeys, er Broncos in Denver, so you may be reading a scintillating blog rife with hoopla from my boys sweeping Denver for the first time since 2010. In fact, San Diego has only beaten the Broncos three times since then (once in 2011, once in 2013, and the 13 October game this year). Or it will be yet another diatribe of expletives and Joey Bosa bashing, the latter which, in fact, has become one of my new favorite pastimes (in addition to penning political poetry).


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