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New Books and Kudos to the Chargers

Just a quick note to share the release of my new book Idiocy and Insanity: A Poetic Crusade into Uncharted Territory. It’s another poetry collection; however, this one has a very anti-liberal-progressive-left slant to it (as well as my unique and eclectic other pieces interspersed throughout). Might I add it’s the perfect holiday gift for that conservative in your life who happens to enjoy poetry.

You can check it out here. It is currently available in paperback and ebook.


My The Downfall of American Corrections will be released shortly as well.

Now, onto even more pleasantries. The Chargers defeated the Atlanta Falcons yesterday in overtime, 33-30. Holy shit, er goodness gracious, what a stressful game! It literally hurts to type with my nails nibbled as short as I gnawed them yesterday (which was also compounded by yet another overtime game between my #2 Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks that ended in a rare tie).

What made yesterday’s game different than previous ones, I believe, is that the Chargers played from behind the entire game. In their four (heartbreaking) losses this season, they were leading—oftentimes by a sizeable margin—but then blew it in the final four or fewer minutes. I thought this would be the case again when in the final two minutes with the game tied at 30-30, the defense decided to take a siesta and enabled Atlanta’s kicker to try a potential game-winner in the final second. Thankfully, the normally sure-footed veteran Matt Bryant missed, and the Chargers’ Josh Lambo got the job done! There must have been something in the air yesterday—this whole missed field goal problem. In the Arizona/Seattle game, both kickers missed short, chip shot field goals in overtime.

I wrote a new piece about the game (of course you did, Natalie) that you can read here. I love Boltsbrand, my new gig. Sean is an awesome guy. I’m taking a break from Football Nation as whoever is now overseeing that site changed my title. Clearly, he was not aware that writers are highly temperamental and don’t like their words changed without prior approval or discussion. I even sent an email but was not treated with the consideration of a reply.



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