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The Chargers lost so you know I will jump on this blog in order to share my latest rant, and here it is! If they never win another game all season, I wanted them to win today. I cannot express in words how much I truly despise the Donkeys. ALMOST as much as #crookedhillary, King Barry, and their cadre of minions.

My hapless 3-5 Bolts host the Tennessee Titans next week. Fingers crossed for a victory (although I never think they will win). I’ve been a fan way too long to have high hopes.

So, I was at my local Chargers bar talking to (and commiserating with) other diehard fans and this one chick made a face when a Trump commercial came on. She said, “I can’t vote for him because he makes fun of retarded people and rapes women.” Believe me, it took everything I had not to knock her out. Instead, I politely and (almost) calmly told her that she needs to stop reading and watching mainstream media because that’s a load of donkey crap bigger than what filled Sports Authority Field at Mile High this afternoon. I asked her how can she vote for a KNOWN and PROVEN liar, murderer, money launderer, arms dealer, misogynist, and all around completely worthless excuse for a human being. Then I got the “because she’s a woman” reply. Okay, I get it. A woman president would be nice. But NOT her. No way! NEVER! And if it was the law that women had to vote for women, I’d become a man.

In related news, this was pretty cool. A page I follow on Facebook shared one of my poems from Idiocy and Insanity. Hopefully, I’ll make a few more sales. And I am currently working on my eighth poetry collection now. Back to my usual eccentric, eclectic, and whimsical fare (with, perhaps, a political post or two).


I just finished watching the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles game: the third overtime game today. And it struck me that the Eagles are like the Chargers of the east coast. They have a win in their clutches and just roll over and play dead. I am most assuredly not a Dallas fan. My number two Arizona Cardinals lost, the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs won, and, well, I’ve just had a crap football day today.

Here’s a question for you, my beloved readers. How can I have over 1,000 songs on Spotify set to randomly play, yet I hear the same thirty over and over? That’s one of the great mysteries of the world, methinks. Along with alien abductions, the Great Pyramids, the Bermuda Triangle, and why #crookedhillary and King Barry aren’t already in prison.

I invite you to take a peek at my books if you haven’t already. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. They’re all on Amazon in paperback and ebook. Thank you!



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