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Dear Joey

My formal letter of apology to Joey Bosa:

Dear Joey,

I have to admit that I have been one of your harshest critics following your “antics” and the ridiculous comment made by your mother regarding that Eli nonsense. At the time I insinuated (hell, I didn’t insinuate…I was quite overt) that your umbilical cord kept showing through your jersey and that you needed to move out of your parents’ basement. Of course, the latter is ridiculous because with the millions of dollars you made and the, what, four weeks off work (paid, I might add) you had plenty of time and financial wherewithal to find yourself a rather nice abode.

Moving on…

I had stated in an earlier post that you would continue to be on my shit list until you amassed four sacks, forced a fumble that you recovered AND with which you scored, and also recorded a pick-six (preferably against Denver, but, alas, that did not occur). Granted, you do, in fact, have four sacks and were recognized as defensive rookie of the week (after the Atlanta rout), as well as defensive rookie of the month for October (congrats!)

As a result, I am seeing accolades galore such as this article that exalts your “historic start” as well as this one. Again, congrats! Even teammates have jumped aboard the Bosa Express like ten-year veteran Charger captain Brandon Mebane who credits you with a very high football IQ (now is that compared to other footballs or …?). Just kidding (I can’t stop myself).

So, okay, you have made your presence known and maybe I should lay off (a bit, anyway), and say, “Good job, Joey. Keep it up.”

Oh, and hey, here’s a picture where you don’t look like a goof (and rather dashing, I might add).




P.S. Now I have to find someone else over whom to harbor a grudge and lambaste with my superfluous sarcasm. Oh wait, that’s an easy one: Mike McCoy. And Kent Johnston (how he still has a job is beyond me).


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