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Civics 101, or Welcome to our Constitutional Republic



Yes, it’s been a little while since my last post. The Chargers lost to Miami and have a bye this week, so I’m not in the football mood at the moment. The election is over a week old, and the crybaby liberals continue to protest, er riot; need safe spaces, hot chocolate, and therapy because they can’t attend class; beat up Trump supporters; and embarrass the hell out of real Americans. Then there are those CEOs, celebrities, and other so-called “famous” people who are acting like complete morons. Lady Gaga verbally assaults and then throws something on Melania Trump (yay, another smug, self-righteous hack celeb to boycott); some fashion designer of whom I’ve never heard won’t dress Melania either; a spoiled, misguided, ignorant Starbucks barista refuses to write the name “Trump” on a cup (against company policy, mind you) and calls the police; people are being fired for promoting their support of President-Elect Trump; and the CEOs of Grubhub, Pepsi, and other companies are watching their stock fall as real Americans protest their drivel. You don’t want Trump supporters’ business. You’ve got it. Enjoy bankruptcy.

Then there’s “president” King Barry the divider-in-chief who is doing absolutely NOTHING about the rioters. But then again, when has he ever done anything good for the U.S. NEVER. I say we take back his Nobel Peace Prize and give it to Julian Assange. I honestly cannot wait until I don’t have to see his ugly arrogant mug and hear his smug condescending voice again (or have to stomach looking at his husband, Michael). This worthless piece of shit set the U.S. back 50 years and is the very definition of traitor.

Adding insult to injury are the likes of Rahm Emanuel, Bill Di Blasio, and other arrogant mayors of so-called “sanctuary cities” who are violating the law by failing to report and take care of the millions of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS littering their city and taking government benefits and funds from those more deserving (and American citizens, after all). Shameless and disgusting. Once President-Elect Trump takes office, the funding will be cut off to these idiots and, hopefully, they will be arrested for violating federal immigration law.

And let’s not forget about the liberal, paid-for, mainstream media who pick and choose what news they wish to share with the public. This is, in my opinion, one of the biggest problems today. Their biased, intolerant, and untrue “reporting” has brainwashed half of America almost as badly as these uber-left liberal disgraces for college professors. Those on the left refuse to listen to anything that doesn’t support their narrative. Wow, mature.

Let’s not forget the libtards (for want of a better word) who seem to think they can challenge and remove the Electoral College—an institution that has been around since, oh, the founding fathers implemented it—or, better yet, send death threats to the electors. Um, hello, making terrorist threats is a felony. And the Electoral College isn’t going to change a thing, nor should it. Or how about those in California wanting to secede. Again, that’s not going to happen. So how about you grow the hell up and deal with it. Trump won; #crookedhillary lost. Maybe next election you democrats can put forth a better candidate. I don’t know, perhaps one who’s not a lying, murderous, corrupt, traitor or an out-of-touch socialist. That would be a good start. However, the shambles in which the democrat party is currently mired (in addition to making me laugh) does not bode well for any well-thought, organized, or productive anything in the near future. And for the record, this “new world order” bullshit isn’t going to fly here. Look how wonderfully that turned out in Europe.


I’m just completely disgusted with the state of this country right now. This is not the UNITED States of America. It’s the land of “us” versus “them” and, I fear, it will only get worse until Trump takes office and finally drains the swamp once and for all. Until then, we Second Amendment supporters will exercise our constitutional rights and protect ourselves from the leftist scum.


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