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Ding Dong the Tyrant is Dead

I’m sorry, dear readers. I have been wandering the Twitter-sphere lately given the amount of ridiculousness that has occurred since Donald Trump WON the U.S. presidency, thanks to the solidarity of American citizens who were sick of identity politics, elitism, corruption, lies, and now, satanic spirit-cooking pedophile rings (look up #pizzagate, but be forewarned, it is highly disturbing). From George Soros-funded “protests” (they are RIOTS), to Green Party Jill Stein bilking millions of dollars from liberals, to #crookedhillary going back on what she said. But old #crookedhillary (the poor dear) is a tad forgetful, so that’s probably what happened (coughBULLSHITcough).

Exhibit A:


Sadly, the libtards still don’t know what the Electoral College is and that their efforts will be all for naught. You see, if they are demanding a recount (in three swing states that went to President-Elect Trump, mind you), then we should recount ALL the states. Let’s begin with California. After the millions of illegal, dead, and double-dipping votes have been thrown out, Trump will win the popular vote too. The point is moot. The election is over. Trump won. Get over it already.

As for the title, sadly, no, the dictator to whom I was alluding was not the one in the White House but was Emperor Barry’s mentor, Fidel Castro, the disgusting tyrant responsible for upwards of 100,000 murders (for starters). Apparently, Castro was Colin Kaepernick’s mentor also, as he, clad in Castro shirt mere hours before Castro died, defended the mass murderer. Check out my thoughts on this travesty here.

Apparently, anything Kaepernick does is perfectly fine with Roger Goodell who either doesn’t have the balls to do anything or just doesn’t care. After all, Kaepernick jersey sales have been on the rise. But the #boycottNFL movement has gained momentum. Ratings continue to drop and more money will be lost. I am now one of those boycotters (which sucks because I love the sport and writing articles). With my boycott of Hollywood and the NFL (among other companies/things), I will have so much more time to be productive. Get ready for a new book!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also laments Castro’s passing. My condolences go to Canadians because I know how it feels to have a “leader” like that; one that doesn’t care about his/her people.

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Make American Great Again. Peace!





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