The Problem with Islam in the West

It’s been eons since I’ve blogged (for myself, that is) and dear readers, my sincerest apologies. I have been consumed with my latest gig through Only In Your State. I am the Nevada¬†writer now and the one article per day has been challenging, to say the least. Take a look and I’d love your comments.

So, what else is happening in the world today on which I can blog. Politics, as usual. Liberal temper tantrums and more Trump winning. I swear¬†the next seven-plus years are going to be tough if democrats can’t get a hold of reality. I am sick to death of the likes of Pelosi, McCain, Graham, Waters, Schumer, Obama, Clinton, and Hollywood libtards and their nonsensical mouth diarrhea. How many times must one say, “You lost, get over it. Stop acting like spoiled, entitled children who didn’t get their way and work to get the US back to where it was before Obama sold it to the Middle East. We don’t want Muslim “refugees.” They are incompatible with Western values and culture. Just take a look at Germany, France, Sweden, the UK, and Canada. Every day there are stories of terrorist attacks in cities and countries with high Muslim “refugee” populations. This is what a mass influx of radical Islamic terrorists looks like. Oh, and don’t forget their constant chanting of “Death to America”, “Death to the West”, “Death to infidels”, etc. WAKE UP SHEEP!!


*Photo credit to slagheap/Flickr.

And we don’t want other illegal aliens (NOT “undocumented workers” or whatever other bullshit label liberals want to use) either. The word “illegal” should be all that one needs to know. Yet, many US cities have pledged to remain sanctuary cities to illegally (there’s that word again) harbor these criminals. Go ahead, lose your federal funding and face federal charges of sedition because that’s right around the corner.

There is also the issue of the wild-goose chase headed by liberal legislators with respect to alleged ties between Trump and Russia. First of all, there has been considerable debunking of this far-fetched theory. Secondly, let’s remember (and discuss liberally) when Hillary sold uranium to Russia? Further, there is evidence that Obama et al. illegally wiretapped Trump and other political opponents and hopefully, soon, he will be facing charges for that. The corrupt liberal mainstream media has fine-tuned their narrative and the brainwashed liberal sheep have imbibed so much kool-aid that their lips and tongue will be stained forever.

Let me also mention these modern day “feminazis” who are wearing hijabs and parading for Shari’a Law as part of their misguided and unhinged liberal pro-female agenda. Obviously, these idiots know not for what they are ranting as one only needs to do an Internet search for “Shari’a Law” to find thousands of photos of horribly mutilated and dead women because, under Islam, women are just property. And let’s not forget other women wearing female genitalia hats and costumes parading for their rights. What rights, exactly, do these lemmings seek that they don’t already have? The right to mandatory clitoridectomies? The right to become property? The right to wear burqas in public? The right to haphazardly kill their unborn babies up until they’re born? These, sadly, are the women of the 21st century in the US and other Western countries and I am almost ashamed to be an American female right now. And with that…