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Howdy dear readers,

Wow, it’s been a very long time since my last blog. My apologies. I have been trying to grow my freelance clientele base and have been swamped with work from new clients. While this is nothing about which to complain, I fear I have neglected my own website, blog, and readers, so here is a lunchtime quickie to touch base and share my thoughts over the past several months.

I have been inordinately busy with my newest endeavor Only In Your State where I am the Nevada staff writer. Ergo, I am tasked with penning a daily pictorial article/listicle (isn’t “listicle” a grand word?) detailing the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things to do/see/eat/visit/etc. across the Silver State. You can conveniently see all of my Nevada articles here. Needless to say, I have learned a great deal about this rather interesting state. I had no idea how incredibly haunted Nevada is (which I love), and can’t wait to visit some of these places about which I have written. If any of you know of any really nifty Nevada attraction/restaurant/activity/etc., please message me with your ideas and I will pitch them to my editors (and thank you in advance!)

Below: A gorgeous shot of Valley of Fire State Park in Overton, NV


I am still politically involved; however, I have been posting my rants more so on Twitter than anywhere else, so if you’d like to be riled up, then, by all means, take a look.

Poker has been another consuming hobby of mine. In addition to my bar league in which I play far too much, I have been dabbling in local tournaments, and while I haven’t really reaped much fiduciary success, my game is improving greatly and my tournament placement is steadily climbing. At the recent bar league quarterly tournament, I placed third so, needless to say, I was pretty chuffed! I would love to partake of some low-limit cash games; however, one needs cash to do so. If you’d like to donate to the Natalie Faulk Poker Bankroll, by all means, please get in touch with me. I was considering setting up a GoFundMe account for this new endeavor but decided against it as it doesn’t highlight my altruistic self well.

Well, that’s about it for now. I hope to be a bit more regular with my own blog, so stay tuned!

The Problem with Islam in the West

It’s been eons since I’ve blogged (for myself, that is) and dear readers, my sincerest apologies. I have been consumed with my latest gig through Only In Your State. I am the Nevada writer now and the one article per day has been challenging, to say the least. Take a look and I’d love your comments.

So, what else is happening in the world today on which I can blog. Politics, as usual. Liberal temper tantrums and more Trump winning. I swear the next seven-plus years are going to be tough if democrats can’t get a hold of reality. I am sick to death of the likes of Pelosi, McCain, Graham, Waters, Schumer, Obama, Clinton, and Hollywood libtards and their nonsensical mouth diarrhea. How many times must one say, “You lost, get over it. Stop acting like spoiled, entitled children who didn’t get their way and work to get the US back to where it was before Obama sold it to the Middle East. We don’t want Muslim “refugees.” They are incompatible with Western values and culture. Just take a look at Germany, France, Sweden, the UK, and Canada. Every day there are stories of terrorist attacks in cities and countries with high Muslim “refugee” populations. This is what a mass influx of radical Islamic terrorists looks like. Oh, and don’t forget their constant chanting of “Death to America”, “Death to the West”, “Death to infidels”, etc. WAKE UP SHEEP!!


*Photo credit to slagheap/Flickr.

And we don’t want other illegal aliens (NOT “undocumented workers” or whatever other bullshit label liberals want to use) either. The word “illegal” should be all that one needs to know. Yet, many US cities have pledged to remain sanctuary cities to illegally (there’s that word again) harbor these criminals. Go ahead, lose your federal funding and face federal charges of sedition because that’s right around the corner.

There is also the issue of the wild-goose chase headed by liberal legislators with respect to alleged ties between Trump and Russia. First of all, there has been considerable debunking of this far-fetched theory. Secondly, let’s remember (and discuss liberally) when Hillary sold uranium to Russia? Further, there is evidence that Obama et al. illegally wiretapped Trump and other political opponents and hopefully, soon, he will be facing charges for that. The corrupt liberal mainstream media has fine-tuned their narrative and the brainwashed liberal sheep have imbibed so much kool-aid that their lips and tongue will be stained forever.

Let me also mention these modern day “feminazis” who are wearing hijabs and parading for Shari’a Law as part of their misguided and unhinged liberal pro-female agenda. Obviously, these idiots know not for what they are ranting as one only needs to do an Internet search for “Shari’a Law” to find thousands of photos of horribly mutilated and dead women because, under Islam, women are just property. And let’s not forget other women wearing female genitalia hats and costumes parading for their rights. What rights, exactly, do these lemmings seek that they don’t already have? The right to mandatory clitoridectomies? The right to become property? The right to wear burqas in public? The right to haphazardly kill their unborn babies up until they’re born? These, sadly, are the women of the 21st century in the US and other Western countries and I am almost ashamed to be an American female right now. And with that…






A Fool’s Paradise

What’s the deal with idiots? I swear, I’m already sick to death of these whiny liberal snowflakes (especially Hollywood “celebrities” who I am currently boycotting) and their almost fanatical adherence to corrupt mainstream media’s fake news. These pathetic sheep are hanging on to every single word uttered against President Trump and taking it as the gospel truth. Further, the comparisons to Hitler and relentless misuse of certain vocabulary (such as racist, sexist, Nazi, bigot, and fascist) is driving me crazier than I ever thought I could be.



The fact remains that the American people (the “silent majority”) were fed up with the elitists in Washington, D.C. and the rampant corruption amongst democrat hoodlums who made nefarious deals with Islamic countries in order to enable the mass migration of Muslim “refugees” to the U.S. to further conduct their jihad against whom they perceive as infidels. What the mainstream media hasn’t reported is that 99 percent of these “refugees” are Muslim (not the Christian ones Emperor Barry the Divider-in-Chief said they would be) and have already committed terrorist acts on American soil. In fact, here’s an informative video showing how Amarillo, Texas has been overrun with rapes by Muslim “refugees.” If Trump hadn’t been elected, the US would have encountered the same fate as Germany, Sweden, and France (and Canada soon enough thanks to that pathetic piece of shit Justin Trudeau) are suffering now: the widespread takeover of Western countries by evil, barbaric, vile Islamists whose sole purpose is to kill anyone who isn’t Muslim.

And by the way, if you take into consideration that as many as three million votes for #crookedhillary were cast by illegal and dead voters, Trump likely won the popular vote as well. So you crybabies can stifle that lame argument. Regardless, Trump won more than enough electoral votes to win the presidency, and that’s a fact. You can read about voter fraud here and here.

It seems as though the lure of easy and copious money was enough for these career politicians to sell out their own constituents and endanger their country they swore to serve. In reality, democrats like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Jerry Brown, Rahm Emanuel, and Bill DiBlasio and RINOs like John McCain and Lindsey Graham (among others) are nothing more than Middle Eastern whores who will sell their very souls for the almighty riyal. They do not possess a single shred of integrity, dignity, or character upon which the US was founded and should be ashamed of themselves. But, alas, they could care less. Thus, the impetus to inform falls upon the few of us who are not afraid to voice our opinions and call out these pathetic embarrassments to American democracy and the Constitution.

Donald J. Trump is not the enemy. These self-serving liberals in pursuit of a new world order who are on George Soros’ payroll have only one thing on their minds: their own bottom line. They are the enemy, along with corrupt mainstream media. And as long as that bottom line grows, they could care less how many Americans are injured, raped, and/or killed by the Muslim scum they have welcomed into this country with open arms.

President Trump’s initial temporary travel restriction was illegally shot down by corrupt judges in the Ninth Circuit. There was nothing “fascist” or “unconstitutional” in it despite what mainstream media tries to make its readers/watchers believe. But never fear, he will be unveiling a new executive order expanding the restriction and this time it will stand up in a court of law. We must keep America safe from these violent Islamists. No refugees, no amnesty, and mass deportation. We are not the world’s babysitter. America First!

Chitty Chitty Ban Ban

Sorry folks, it’s been a while since I blogged. For myself, anyway. Well, I’ve been recovering from a nasty bug. I’m sure you don’t want the gory details but let’s say that it involved an awful lot of phlegm. Anyway, I’m feeling much better now. Just have a cough I can’t seem to ban permanently.


Segue to the next subject, bans. Bans on Muslims coming into the US courtesy of President Donald Trump. Needless to say, the world is in an uproar because how could the US—the great melting pot that she is—dare to turn away these poor innocent “refugees” huddled and yearning to breathe free.

I will answer that question in my interminable and highly opinionated way.

In the current era of Islamic jihad and the rapid radicalization of Islamic terrorism, western countries must be even more vigilant about protecting their citizens. Given that former President Emperor Barry the Divider-in-Chief welcomed terrorists onto American soil with open arms in his quest to destroy the US, I see no problem whatsoever with ensuring that those attempting to enter this great country are not here for nefarious reasons. Look at Europe. Look at Germany, especially, and the mess that commie Angela Merkel has made of her own country. Look at Sweden. Look at the rampant rape and murder committed by so-called “refugees.” These are not refugees. These are invaders, hell-bent on destroying all infidels; that is, anyone who is not a Muslim.

What’s even worse is that far too many people are being willfully ignorant to this very real threat. The recent Women’s March for female equality ignored the fact that women already have these rights. The left is so far out there that they don’t even know their heads from their…not their heads. And, of course, they donned vagina hats to be able to tell the two apart. Public schools are holding hijab appreciation events. Celebrities are modeling the attire and morons like Lindsay Lohan are talking conversion to Islam (good luck with that, by the way). Liberals are running over each other trying to be the first to embrace some new wonderful pro-Muslim bullshit.

Islam is not a religion. It is a political ideology that invades every aspect of society. It belittles women, homosexuals, and, basically, anyone who is not a Muslim male. Women are property to Muslim males. (I will not call them men because they are not men in my book.) They are bound and committed to destroying all infidels and making Islam the one world order. What’s worse are the millions of sheep blind to this invasion and their eager acceptance of these vile monsters who rape children, stone women, throw gay people off rooftops, behead enemies, throw acid on people, and the myriad other inhumane and barbaric acts they commit in the name of Allah.

Further, this is not the same as countries failing to allow safety to Jewish refugees escaping from the Nazis during WWII. Whereas Jews were not intent on killing westerners, Muslims are. So don’t even get me started with that right now. If these Muslim “refugees” are, in fact, true refugees, then they should go to other Muslim countries. I don’t see Saudi Arabia or UAE opening their arms for their bretheren. The US does not need to take them all in and accommodate them. If someone wants to come to America, s/he can assimilate into our culture and ways. I am sick to death of complaints by “refugees” that have resulted in US flags being taken down from college campuses to banning pro-God speech to bypassing American traditions so as to not insult these invaders. Enough is enough, and I am so glad that Trump is doing what he promised to do. This is why we elected him. To make America great again.

The fact remains, I don’t want these monsters in my country, and I will not apologize. Call me Islamophobic. I don’t care. Learn about these barbarians before your spout your perceived support for them. Personally, I don’t think Trump’s list is long enough. Glaringly absent from his ban list are Somalia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Egypt, Turkey, much of Central and South America, and parts of Africa. There is nothing wrong with extreme vetting before allowing foreigners into this country, and don’t let others make you feel guilty for believing this. Liberals without any facts or real evidence spout hate speech in lieu of using rational and fact-based rebuttal because all they have is name-calling. Notice how accusations of “racist”, “bigot”, “fascist”, “Islamophobic”, “Nazi” are all hurled by the left. Not only is this all they have with which to fight, they don’t even know the true meaning of these terms.

The US is not the world’s dumping ground. This is called homeland security. Our house, our rules. And if you don’t like it, you are certainly free to leave.


No More Pocket Pairs, Please


So, I’ve started playing in a poker league several times per week. As someone who loves poker but who is too broke to enter “real” tournaments or play cash games (and who hasn’t as of yet met her billionaire prince/king/earl/duke who is going to rescue her from the mundanity of real life like the Hallmark Channel repeatedly says will happen) this is the next best thing. The league, the Nevada Poker League (woot, free advertising!) is awesome because we play for points which translate to chips for the every-few-months tournament. I have to say, I’m having fun playing with the same group of people and being harassed by the same dealers on a regular basis. Quite the group of characters with whom I feel very much at ease.

One thing I have noticed, however, is that I truly despise pocket pairs. For those of you who are not poker aficionados or who binge watch the World Series of Poker or World Poker Tour, I will explain. In Texas Hold’Em, each player gets two cards, face down, that are called the “hole cards.” The next three are dealt up (the flop), then one more (the turn), and the final one (the river). The players have to make their best hand of five cards using their hole cards and/or the board cards. As would be expected, a pair in the hole (aside from sounding completely x-rated) is called a pocket pair (yet additional suggestive nomenclature). In fact, if you think about it, most poker terminology is of the double entendre type. For example, the best hand one can get is called “the nuts” (as in the nut flush, nut straight, etc.). Every $100 in chips is proudly displayed in “a rack” (as in “nice rack, Natalie!” “Why, thank you!”). And so forth.

Back to my pocket pairs (or desired lack thereof), it never fails that when I get what is usually a decent starting hand with these guys, I inadvertently end up losing on the river (this is called a “suck out”). Pocket Aces (or pocket rockets) are not the be all-end all. For me, they are often “cracked” which is when another player has a better hand once all is said and done (two pair, three of a kind (set), straight, flush, full house, etc.) The same goes for pocket Kings (“cowboys”) or Queens (“ladies”). Recently, I had cowboys in the hole (doesn’t that sound like fun?) and another player at the table goes “all in” (betting all of his remaining chips), so I call. He had pocket 10’s. And wouldn’t you know, a 10 came on the river and washed me away. Then there are mid and low pairs. I despise pocket deuces (“ducks”) because I never win with them. The same goes for others. Either I raise too much too soon and everyone folds, or I lose on the turn or river). I just really don’t like pocket pairs. At all.

There are other interesting nicknames for certain hole cards. “Dolly Parton” is 5,9 (“naked” if off suit, “clothed” if suited); “Jackson-5” is Jack, 5; “Flat Tire” is Jack, 4 (as in, “What’s a jack for?”); “Big Slick” for Ace, King; “Little Slick” for Ace, Queen; “Jeffrey Dahmer” for Jack, 8; and so forth. Here is an exhaustive list of all of the combination nicknames.

Well, folks, that’s about it for this post. Time to get ready for the league.

#My #New #Addiction


You guessed it. #Twitter. Especially #HashtagGames. I tell you, they are #very addictive. If you don’t believe me, take a #look. Oh, and while you’re there, please follow me. Speaking of stalking, make sure you visit my Facebook page as well (note the “Like” button). Hey, I’m responsible for all of my own advertising so I will take advantage anywhere I can until I, one day, find an agent.

What are these #HashtagGames you might be asking (if you’re brand new to technology and/or have a life.) Well, some genius decides to create a #mashup of certain concepts and ideas such as #GoldenGirlAShowOrFilm, #CardGameMusicOrMovies, and #MakeFilmsIntoTVShows, for example. Or even #LayoverPastimes, #SignsImMature, and #JobsIWouldBePerfectFor. Of course, millions of bored and socially awkward folks race to see who can post the funniest, most popular, and most liked/retweeted #tweets. Granted, there are many duplicates, but every so often I come up with one that not only makes me pat myself on the back but also receives accolades from my #TwitterPeers.

For example:

Anyway, fun stuff and a great distraction from my insomnia.

So, what’s been going on? Well, Fidel #Kaepernick continues to be in the news. He was benched last week after going one-for-five for four yards and being sacked five times versus the equally hapless #ChicagoBears. Nevertheless, he will be starting this weekend versus the #Jets. I actually feel bad for Blaine Gabbert, the #49ers number-two guy. Anyway, whatever, right?!

Hey, have you heard the one about the #RussianHackers? Which one, you may ask. Well, #Putin is allegedly behind #Trump’s win, #crookedhillary’s loss, #GlobalWarming, #Castro’s death, #9/11, the #BlackPlague, #PearlHarbor, the #GreatDepression, and the sinking of the #Titanic.

The world is #crazy. Make sure your #seatbelts are tightened and please keep your #arms and #legs inside the #ride at all times.

Ding Dong the Tyrant is Dead

I’m sorry, dear readers. I have been wandering the Twitter-sphere lately given the amount of ridiculousness that has occurred since Donald Trump WON the U.S. presidency, thanks to the solidarity of American citizens who were sick of identity politics, elitism, corruption, lies, and now, satanic spirit-cooking pedophile rings (look up #pizzagate, but be forewarned, it is highly disturbing). From George Soros-funded “protests” (they are RIOTS), to Green Party Jill Stein bilking millions of dollars from liberals, to #crookedhillary going back on what she said. But old #crookedhillary (the poor dear) is a tad forgetful, so that’s probably what happened (coughBULLSHITcough).

Exhibit A:


Sadly, the libtards still don’t know what the Electoral College is and that their efforts will be all for naught. You see, if they are demanding a recount (in three swing states that went to President-Elect Trump, mind you), then we should recount ALL the states. Let’s begin with California. After the millions of illegal, dead, and double-dipping votes have been thrown out, Trump will win the popular vote too. The point is moot. The election is over. Trump won. Get over it already.

As for the title, sadly, no, the dictator to whom I was alluding was not the one in the White House but was Emperor Barry’s mentor, Fidel Castro, the disgusting tyrant responsible for upwards of 100,000 murders (for starters). Apparently, Castro was Colin Kaepernick’s mentor also, as he, clad in Castro shirt mere hours before Castro died, defended the mass murderer. Check out my thoughts on this travesty here.

Apparently, anything Kaepernick does is perfectly fine with Roger Goodell who either doesn’t have the balls to do anything or just doesn’t care. After all, Kaepernick jersey sales have been on the rise. But the #boycottNFL movement has gained momentum. Ratings continue to drop and more money will be lost. I am now one of those boycotters (which sucks because I love the sport and writing articles). With my boycott of Hollywood and the NFL (among other companies/things), I will have so much more time to be productive. Get ready for a new book!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also laments Castro’s passing. My condolences go to Canadians because I know how it feels to have a “leader” like that; one that doesn’t care about his/her people.

For more of my wonderful sarcasm and strong opinions, follow me on Twitter.

Make American Great Again. Peace!